• Sarah Dunn Rhodes, CPA

Solicitation Letters

Have you gotten a mailing from the Workplace Compliance Services like the one pictured below? It may look like it's from a government agency, but it's a third party entity called "Workplace Compliance Services."

These deceptive mailings have the same look and feel as a government-based mailing, but they're not. Usually, these types of letters will offer to update your annual corporate registration or corporate minutes for a price much higher than the state requires. In fact, it's only $50 to renew your registration at the Georgia Secretary of State's website, but this letter offers to do it for you for $135. 😳

If you ever receive any phone calls or mailings that you're unsure about, please drop by my office and let me review it for you!

For more information, see the Georgia Secretary of State's warning on these solicitations.

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